Final Exam-Artist research

This is the final exam of Visual Arts in MYP5. We were to do either an artist research or an art work, about a Syrian artist called Tammam Azzam. For this time I decided to do an artist research in my process journal, where I drew few of his artworks and researched about him. I started at home, where I took some time to look through the given links and understand who he is. Then I started to look at his artworks and read some blogposts about his artworks. Here I started to really come into his artworks and understand what he was doing and why he was doing it. Here after i drew the pages i wasgoing to draw on, to give it an interesting touch. Then in class I researched more about him and wrote everything down in a word document and then hand wrote everything. Unfortunately, the second page had too much color that the text can not be seen well. Which I would have liked to change, but it was too late.

I really enjoyed researching about Tammam Azzam, I think he is an aazing man who does really profeesionel artworks to fight for his country. I think he is standing out from other artists we have researched before because he has a unique style and the artworks just tells a lot of stories, which I can realte to as my homeland also is in a revolution.

My favorite piece of his was definetly the collage series Bon Voyage made in 2013. I think it was a beautiful theme and intesion, that really makes you think twice before saying something about the war and its positions.

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